White Pepper is produced by removing the outer layer from black pepper which is obtained from pepper plant. The pepper plant is native to India and Indonesia. Once the black peppercorns are almost ripe and sun-dried, the outer layer is removed leaving only the inner seed which is white in color. White peppercorns are less pungent, smaller in size, have a smoother skin and a light-weight tan color with a light flavor. The taste of white pepper is hotter than black pepper. White pepper turns stale faster than black pepper.

Nutritional Value :

1. Its consumption is nice just in case of malaria, cholera and irritation from pains.

2. Consumption of white pepper improves digestion and helps in maintain a healthy laxation.

3. it's a superb source of manganese, a really good source of iron and fat-soluble vitamin, and a decent source of dietary fiber.

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White Pepper (50 Gms)

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